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  • Hibiscus flowers usually only last for one day, opening in the morning and wilting late afternoon.
  • Water your Hibiscus flowers regularly. Keep moist, but do not over water. They will need to be watered daily in the blooming season.
  • Hibiscus rosa-sinensis is one of the most well known Hibiscus, and the flowers are large and beautiful.
  • Hibiscus moschatos is a very splendid marsh plant, producing several stems, each growing three to four feet high.
  • Hibiscus makes a pleasant red, rose or pink tea, that is tasting and very refreshing.
  • Using Hibiscus flowers for tea has been universally popular throughout history in a great many cultures.
  • Hibiscus are remarkable for the magnitude and elegant colors of their flowers, which appear very similar to those of the Hollyhock of China.
  • Hibiscus flowers are so attractive and graceful to look at coming in many colors and sizes,
  • Most people are not familiar with the wonderful weight loss qualities of Hibiscus tea.
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