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Hibiscus Care



Hibiscus flowers need soil that can hold the moisture. Sandy soil is very good for the plant roots to spread in.

Frequent mulching of the area is very important as it will add natural matter to the soil and help to hold the water.Red Hibiscus

The Hibiscus will grow big and stunning with a fertilizer high in potassium.

Water your Hibiscus flowers regularly. Keep moist, but do not over water.

Your Hibiscus will need to be watered daily in the blooming season.


Almost all the pruning should be done between February and August.

Partial pruning can be done any time during these months.

Early Spring is best for cutting your Hibiscus back.


A lot of pests drawn to your Hibiscus can be removed by spraying the plants with a water hose. Always clean the underside of the leaves.

Some insects attracted to your Hibiscus flowers are:


Crawling on the plant.

White Flies

Leave a white mess on the leaves.


The bugs on the plant are black, white and green.

Spider MitesHibiscus

Leave mottled yellow leaves.


The buds of the plant fall off before blooming.

Pots and Containers

Hibiscus are ideal for pots and containers indoors and like being slightly rootbound.

Pot one size up when repotting.

Your Hibiscus plants will need frequent feeding, and the soil should be moist always, otherwise the buds will fall off.

Good drainage in pots is very important.








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